We’re Moving!

I am tired of not being able to embed a live chat/blog here so I am moving to a new, better place to not write at. You can find that place here.


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“Why hasn’t there been more frequent posts on THE preeminent new pro wrestling blog, Popping The Crowd?!?!”,  I heard a stranger say the other day as I lifting weights, or doing something that involved being awesome, so I stopped doing what I was doing and said, “Hey listen pal, I got stuff that keeps me busy so I can churn out 10 posts a day that shows off my extensive knowledge of something that has never impressed a girl enough to get me laid.* Anyhow, I have some posts in the pipeline. A new get to know a FCW superstar and some other things I think my small, but awesome fanbase will enjoy. Tonight is Monday so you all know what that means. MONDAY NIGHT RAW. Lets hope it is better than last week. I hear Nash is showing up so the outlook isn’t good.