Hailing from Springfield,Illinois………..


This blog has been created on a whim. I’m an unabashed pro-wrestling fan who, quite frankly, got tired of reading hipster blogs about pro-wrestling from people who forgot that it really is no different than any sitcom or television series. There will be no posts telling you that a wrestling organization needs to be more like another, because the wrestling world is big enough for wrestlers and sports entertainers, and they all try to achieve the same goal of entertaining us.

While this will be a mainly pro-wrestling themed blog I will do posts on other topics that I feel are interesting. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do like it, read it and spread the word. I usually watch the big three, WWE,TNA, and ROH, so if you’re wanting posts on Chikara, DragonGateUSA ect…I can’t help you because, well I have a life. If noticed the tagline of “We Talk About Pro Wrestling And Whatever Else Amuses Us.” and wondered why I used “We” and “Us”, its because I am going to try to add a couple of my friends to write whatever they want to write about so I don’t get burnt out and have this thing get stale.



Monte R. Evans Jr (mrejr8234)

P.S. follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/mrejr8234


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